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What is an Upsherin?

Traditional Jews often wait until a boy’s third birthday before cutting his hair. This is called “Upsherin” – a Yiddish word meaning to “cut off.” The custom is first mentioned in “Sha’ar HaKavonot” by Rabbi Chaim Vital, the student of […]

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How do you translate the word Chesed?

The Hebrew word “chesed” does not have a precise English equivalent, but is probably closest to loving-kindness. In the Jewish  tradition, chesed is


Kazimierz – the Jewish District of Krakow

In 1335, Casimir the Great established the town of Kazimierz specifically for Jews. His benevolence towards the Jews was based supposedly on his

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What is Klezmer Music?

 Klezmer is the Hebrew word for musical instruments. It  is a musical tradition of the Ashkenazic Jews of Eastern Europe. Played by professional


Chesed – Loving Kindness

Jewish tradition elevates deeds of loving kindness (chesed) to the highest possible ranking among soul-traits. Only some problems have solutions, but all are alleviated by the loving response

Hakol Baseder Booklet, CD and Interactive Packet

Playmobil Passover Story: The Exodus The Sages in the Gemara already knew 2000 years ago that the best way to educate is to have

itamar makes friends

Having an Open Mind – A Not Exclusively Jewish Lesson for All

book review by Michal Hoschander Malen This is a gentle yet powerful story of a boy growing up in a small Israeli village who takes a trip to

ellies shabbat surprise

Enjoying the Sounds of Shabbat

Enjoy listening to the classic Shabbat song, sung at every Shabbat table around the world. Come Friday night, the mother lights the Shabbat

birth of palestinian nation

Learning about the 1948 War Myth of Deir Yassin

Deir Yassin is the most infamous episode of Israel’s War of Independence. A basic founding myth in Palestinian Arab culture, it serves as grounds for the claim that

klezmer bunch

Imagination Unleashed by the Magic of Childrens Books

It is not that often that a book we publish gets incorporated into a play! The Klezmer Bunch is a fascinating childrens book that has been selected by

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