Saturday 16 December 2017

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Can Music be Evil?

Wilhelm Richard Wagner (1813 –1883) was a German composer, theater director, writer, and conductor who is primarily known for his operas. Unlike most opera composers, Wagner wrote both the libretto and the music for each of his stage works. Initially […]

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The Month of Elul

As the last month of the Jewish year, Elul is traditionally a time of introspection and taking stock—a time to review one’s deeds

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No Fast Balls on the Fast Day

Sanford "Sandy" Koufax, one of the greatest pitchers in baseball, was referred to as the "man with the golden arm." He established one record

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A House of Peace

Shalom bayit in its literal sense means "peace in the house" and it is the Jewish concept of domestic harmony and good relations between husband

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What is an Upsherin?

Traditional Jews often wait until a boy's third birthday before cutting his hair. This is called "Upsherin" – a Yiddish word meaning to "cut off." The

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How do you translate the word Chesed?

The Hebrew word “chesed” does not have a precise English equivalent, but is probably closest to loving-kindness. In the Jewish  tradition, chesed is

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The Book of Psalms

The Book of Psalms  which is known as Tehillim in hebrew, is one of the 24  books of the Tanach.  It contains 150


Hadassah Medical Center

At a meeting at Temple Emanu-El in New York City on February 24, 1912, Henrietta Szold, together with other Zionist women, proposed to the


Yeshivat Maale Gilboa

Yeshivat Ma'ale Gilboa is a Shiluv Yeshiva located on Kibbutz Ma'ale Gilboa in Israel's Gilboa Mountains. The Shiluv Yeshiva is unique in that it

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The Ninth of Av

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