Saturday 16 December 2017

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Israel’s First Secret Agent

 Isser Harel was born in 1912 in Vitebsk, Russia (now Belarus) to a large, wealthy family. When he was 16, Isser began preparations to immigrate to Israel. During this preparatory year he worked in agriculture with the aspiration to join […]

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Bedouin Scouts

The Bedouin are a part of a predominantly desert-dwelling Arabian ethnic group traditionally divided into tribes, or clans, The Arabic term badawī   which

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Orthodox Jews serving in the IDF

As part of the Status Quo Agreement worked out in 1947 between prime minister David Ben-Gurion and the Haredi leader Rabbi Avraham Yeshayah Karelitz


The Security Fence

The Palestinians committed themselves in the Oslo accords and in the road map to dismantle terrorist networks and confiscate illegal weapons. After more

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The Mossad

The Mossad which literally means "the Institute" is short for "Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations".  The Mossad is responsible for protecting Jewish

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Memorial Day for Israel’s Fallen Soldiers

The fourth of Iyar, the day preceding Israel's Independence Day, was declared by the Israeli Knesset (Parliament) to be a Memorial Day for those

israels front line armor

[VIDEO] Israel’s Awesome Merkava Tank

Click here to purchase "Israel's Front Line Armor". "Israel's Front Line Armor" is the first book in the IDF Armor Series that covers the

Israel’s Unbelievable Intelligence During Operation Pillar of Defense

Israel is right now at war with the Hamas terror organization in Gaza. The Israeli airforce has flown hundreds of sorties over Gaza knocking out communications infrastructure, rocket

Perilous Times – Opinions on Obama’s Israel/Middle East Policy – What do You Think?

Here is a recently produced mini-documentary in which Israeli experts and everyday citizens candidly discuss their concerns about the U.S.-Israel relationship under Pres.


Caroline Glick critiques Pres. Obama and the two-state solution

Caroline Glick is of the most eloquent thinkers today on Israel, the Middle East and US Foreign policy in the Middle East is Caroline B. Glick, the formidable

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